Use Timeline Charts To Tell Amazing Family Stories

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Genelines offers seven unique timeline charts that let you examine your family history from completely different points of view. Using timeline software you can see your ancestors lives within the context of time, and add exciting historical, personal, family, cultural and other dimensions to their stories. Print to PDF or create a full-color wall chart for your next family reunion and enjoy the excitement it creates!

There are seven charts to choose from, but with countless possible selections of people, lineages and timelines, the story telling possibilities are endless. Each chart also genets a text view report to help your analysis.

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Click on the timeline chart thumbnails below to see the full-sized example of each.

Biographical Charts

Genelines biographical charts let you create a visual map of your ancestor’s life events so that you can tell their story in a brand new way. You can show personal life events such as career path, relationships, place of residence, etc. and compare these life experiences with that of other relatives in your database. Or, you could add the historical events that happened at various times during their lives, and explore how these might have influenced their stories.

Individual Biographical Chart

This chart depicts the life events of an individual by categories such as occupation, health, residence, and so on.

Comparative Biographical Chart

This is an age-based timeline chart that lets you compare the life events of two or more individuals in your family.

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Relationship Charts

There are four Genelines relationship charts to choose from. These charts let you view your family pedigrees and lines of descent against the backdrop of historical events on the local, regional or world stage. You can customize each timeline chart according to people, line of descent or family group, personal life details, color, and the world events timeline you wish to depict in the background. These charts can explain a great deal about people and the decisions they made, making for great family stories.

Pedigree Chart

This shows the life span of a selected family member compared to his or her ancestors across a timeline.

Direct Line Chart

This chart displays the direct family line between a selected individual and direct descendant (ancestor) across a timeline. As with all relationship charts, you can show historical and personal life events on the same chart to add depth and interest to your family story.

Full Descendant Chart

This chart shows all the descendants of a selected family member for as many generations as you wish to show – providing they are in your database, of course. This chart can be quite impressive. Assigning each descendant branch of the family tree a different color will help you analyze the chart.

Family Group Chart

This timeline chart shows the children, spouses and parents of a selected ancestor across a timeline. Again, add an historical world events timeline and customize colors and fonts to add extra dimension to your story.

Fan Chart

The ever popular fan chart takes on a new perspective when you add a timeline. Genelines fan chart plots an individual’s maternal and paternal lineages by birth for a selected number of generations. You can not only see the family relationship between individuals, but also get a sense of their life span as compare to spouses, children, siblings, etc.

Research Tips: Click here to explore how Genelines timeline software can help you with your genealogy research.

Corresponding Text View Reports

Each of the seven Genelines timeline charts generates a corresponding text view report to aid your genealogy research and chart interpretation. This report lists, in chronological order, the dates for the people in the chart, along with the applicable notes and sources, as well as the world timeline events shown on the chart.

Genelines reads the following file formats:

  • Family Tree Maker® 2019
  • Personal Ancestral File™ (PAF)
  • Ancestral Quest™
  • Legacy Family Tree™

System Requirements