Timeline Exchange for Genelines Timeline Software

Genelines™ timeline software lets you create and customize seven different timeline charts that display your family history records in a refreshingly different way.

There are two sources of data used for these timeline charts: your genealogy database, and world events timeline files – found here, on the Genelines Timeline Exchange.

Download these historical timelines, import them into Genelines, and place them in the background to create a world events timeline for a set of chosen family records in your genealogy database. You will be amazed at the excitement this visual format can add to your family stories.

When you’ve been using Genelines software for some time and have created custom timeline files of your own, please come back and upload them so all Genelines users can benefit. Bookmark this Timeline Exchange page now so that it’s quick and easy to return.

See video: Genelines: how to use Historical Files

If you’re not a user of Genelines yet, why not purchase a copy and get started today. These files (with extension .hst) are only usable with Genelines timeline software.

World Event Timelines

Peoples of the World

Countries of the World

Religious Timelines

Royal Timelines

Miscellaneous Timelines


Add Historical Events to Direct Line

Add Historical Events to Family Group