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Are you looking for a way to create colorful family tree maps that advance your genealogy research and display your family history in unique and beautiful ways? Map My Family Tree is the software for you.

An Innovative Family Tree Map Software

Map My Family Tree™ not only creates striking family maps but also helps you with your family history search. By creating an ancestor life map, you can see where you have misspellings and incomplete, ambiguous, or missing place names in your genealogy database.

Map My Family Tree automatically geocodes your family history tree in seconds, so you can see where your ancestors were born, married, and died. Extensive selection and formatting options provide unlimited customization of family tree charts. Show single family lines, births only, events from a specific time period, and much more on family trees of any color or size – including wall maps.

Map My Family Tree reads the most popular genealogy file formats directly, or you can use the GEDCOM option.

Benefits of Using the Map My Family Tree Genealogy Map Maker Software

Map My Family Tree is a unique and innovative way to chart your family history, from your great-grandparents to the present. Below are some of the benefits of using this incredible family tree maker.

  • A life map is yet another way to show and tell compelling stories about your personal family history. It creates a detailed family tree chart that enhances your research.
  • Family maps provide visual and place name clues that help your family history search.
  • Sharing family stories is easy by publishing them in PDF or printing a wall chart for your next family reunion. If you’ve always wanted to make a family tree to share with other family members, this is the perfect software for you to do so.
  • Map My Family Tree is compatible with the best family history software out there. See more about the database file formats the software supports below.

Genealogy Database File Formats Supported

  • Ancestral Quest™(version 12 or later)
  • Family Historian™
  • Family Tree Maker® 2007 and earlier (FTM 2008 and later use GEDCOM)
  • Legacy Family Tree™
  • Personal Ancestral File™
  • RootsMagic™ (ver. 3)
  • The Master Genealogist™
  • Reads GEDCOM 5.5 files (including data with Western European diacritics.
  • For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10)


Our Map My Family Tree software is loved by all who download it. See some of our testimonials below, or take a look here to see all of them!

“I downloaded the upgrade of MMFT and have enjoyed the enhancements very much.”

Everett, Florida  

“Map My Family Tree. You have done a wonderful job of putting together a truly remarkable piece of software.”

Ron & Jane, Minnesota


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