I purchased Charting Companion last week and Love It!
Rupert, Connecticut

I am really pleased – so much so I am going to buy the latest edition and will certainly recommend the programme to all my genealogy friends.
Margaret, UK

What a great idea
Arnold, New Zealand

The charts I took to a recent family reunion were a great success. I love the Descendant Fan Chart. This is exactly what I have been looking for.
Elizabeth, Illinois

This charting program is delightful
Orriene, Oklahoma

Wow, I’ve just downloaded and run Genelines and it is fantastic. It does exactly what I wanted it to. Simple but powerful – the ideal computer program.
David, UK

With the new Charting program you have once again outdone yourselves. Once I get into it I will spend hours doing fun things with my genealogy files.I have told a number of people about your programs and do my best to steer users to your site.
Don, Kansas

I like your developing work on your fine programs.
Harry, Switzerland

Thanks again and keep going with this program as we need more of them out there to solve all our new technology problems today.
Trevor, Australia

Works great!
Marv, Wisconsin

I LOVE LOVE the program!
Barbara, Missouri

The report option, used with Word Perfect, is still the best reason to use PAF Companion. The index that includes dates of birth & death as well as maiden & married names is outstanding.
Betty Jo, Florida

You have done a wonderful job of putting together a truly remarkable piece of software.
Jane, Minnesota

I am extremely pleased.
Stephen, Georgia

Charting Companion. It’s a fabulous program you have written
Diane, Washington

Yours fit my needs best and was easiest to get quickly. My father is also realy excited about what I can print.
Melissa, California

The new Outline formatted version of the DNA descendants lists are terrific.
Charles, Pennsylvania

I downloaded the upgrade of MMFT and have enjoyed the enhancements very much.
Everett, Florida

that is really rather impressive! A nice piece of software.
Alastair, UK

I certainly prefer the Charting Companion’s descendent and outline reports to Tree Draw’s huge ones
Tracy, Australia

I bought Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker in May, happily installed it and loved it.
Mason, Colorado

I find Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker to be a delightful program and well worth all the praises I have seen posted. The descendant fan chart is even better than I hoped – really impressive, even my normally unexpressive teen children showed a flicker of interest.
John, UK

I think the Descendancy Fan chart is super
Curt, Florida

I love your company, and products! Thanks again,
Philip, California

Just want to say how fabulous Charting Companion is, I just love the charts that I can produce with it
Sheila, UK

I have used this Charting Companion for years – from the early early early days.
It continues to be my favorite software! LOVE the reports – especially being able to included SIBLINGS. It makes my research SO much easier.
In a day – when so many of my favorite software programs seem to drop by the way side – just wanted to send a BIG thank you – for keeping this program current with the new operating systems – so we (genealogy types) can continue to enjoy the output.
OH – and my family thanks you too! I always produce charts from this program for family reunions – and again – the sibling feature just opens a lot of memories – as people see their aunts/uncles/cousins showing on a chart – it triggers great family memories and stories!

Kay, APO Germany

I just installed your program and I am impressed! I love the fan chart options. Love the sibling list, too.
Deanne, Texas

I love how you present family connections so artistically.
Barbara, Illinois

You are the only ones with a chart/report that offers what we really require in genealogy charts: full names, dates, photos, all the notes, and validations…in fact all data is transferred neatly onto the chart from Family Tree. It’s very readable and follows family relationships with great accuracy. Love it!! My wife and I have made individual charts for some of our relatives overseas (NZ) and also locally in Qld. Their comments: “Didnt know you had so much data, “what a lot of work”, “Looks marvellous how did you do it?”
Thanks again Charting Companion – impossible otherwise!.

Gary, Australia

I purchased Genelines yesterday to accompany my Legacy Family Tree. I love it and have recommended it to my friends! What a great software.
Kristin, Nebraska

I love the fan chart – I have used it quite a bit and family members are most impressed!
Margot, Australia

I have loved using Charting Companion a lot since first buying it. I have given Family Trees of all sizes to many relatives – close and far distant. I really like using Charting Companion to do this and all the recipients have been very appreciative. I advertise it to many genealogy friends!
Lesley, New Zealand

Map My Family Tree. You have done a wonderful job of putting together a truly remarkable piece of software.
Ron & Jane, Minnesota

SAR Index is a great tool. Love the product
Richard, Ohio

The program looks excellent! It does just what I was looking for.

I have been “playing” around with Charting Companion and I have found it easy to use as wellas very useful.
Jim, Maryland

My father was very happy to know about such program he care so much about the family tree.
Tarik, Algeria

I think the charts are so cool! My family loves the Fan Chart. There will be a rebellion if I don’t have those charts with the new version!
Cathy, Georgia

I’ve been using Legacy Family Tree for years and Progeny Charting Companion is the ultimate add-on. After recently installing the program I ran into a slight problem and Progeny resolved it within just a couple of days. Also, I unknowingly made a mistake during the ordering process and double ordered. Progeny proactively contacted me to ask if I wanted to purchase multiple copies of the program. They immediately refunded one of the purchases. I would have never known I had made this mistake without their honesty. Progeny and staff are awesome!!!!
Charlie, Mobile, AL