Progeny 3D Family Tree™

See your Family Tree in 3 Dimensions!

Progeny 3D Family Tree™ is the only program that can display your family tree in 3 dimensions.

The 3D Family Tree gives you a whole new insight into your roots. 3D Family Tree builds pedigree and descendant trees in three dimensions. Photos of your relatives really make the tree come alive.

You can build the tree interactively by clicking on a person, and adding ancestors and descendants. The new trees are placed in parallel planes, in the third dimension.

You can add a person’s siblings, which extend in the third dimension.

You can drop the descendants of the siblings, providing you with a unique and unequaled perspective of a complete family.

You can add the ancestors of a spouse in a descendant tree, creating a parallel view impossible to do in a traditional chart.

See chart samples

Publish your tree on the Internet in X3D or VRML format (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

Reads the following file formats directly:

  • Family Tree Maker (pre-2008 “.FTW”)
  • Family Tree Maker (2008 & later): use GEDCOM
  • Personal Ancestral File
  • Legacy
  • Ancestral Quest
  • Roots Magic

Watch a brief video showing 3D Family Tree in action:

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