Genealogy Timeline and Family Timeline Maker Software U.S.A.

Using Genelines™ timeline software, you can create seven customizable timeline charts that display your family history records in a refreshingly different way.

Genelines timeline charts are created from two sources:

  • Your genealogy database, and
  • World events timeline files from our extensive library.
  • They can also be custom-made by you!
  • Find out more in this 5-minute video.

Use Timeline Charts to Tell Your Family History

By placing your family records against a backdrop of a world events timeline, you can tell fantastic family stories in a powerful visual way that is impossible using your genealogy database software alone. 

The historical context can put events in your ancestor’s life into context. Why did they choose to emigrate at that particular time in history? Why did your cousin move across the world and start a family there? All of these questions can be answered when using genealogy timelines.

Merging a familial and a historical timeline can enhance your family history in new ways. It gives you a big-picture view of your family in chronological order so you can take your ancestral quest to the next level.

Take a Genelines wall chart to your next family reunion and enjoy the excitement it generates!

Use Customizable Timeline Charts to Perfect Your Genealogy Research

Genelines timeline software does more than let you create colorful timeline charts. Unlike other programs, it is also a powerful family research tool. These timeline charts conveniently show where you have duplicate, illogical, or contradictory data or gaps requiring further research.

You know how difficult it is to complete and validate a file. Genelines timeline software can change all that. By comparing the lives of two or more people or showing who was alive when a significant event occurred, timeline charts can help you perfect your research and fully map your ancestor’s life.

Genelines reads many genealogy database programs directly and works with any database using the GEDCOM format.

Key Benefits of Our Family Timeline Maker Software

The Genelines timeline charts are incredibly beneficial to your family history research. Below, we’ve summarized some of the critical advantages of using this genealogy software.

  • It helps you tell amazing family stories visually – because a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • It generates timeline charts that are scalable to any size – including wall charts. You can finally display your family’s historical timelines for all your family members!
  • It can help you clean up and fill in your family history research. This enhances the entire process and ensures you don’t have any duplicates or mistakes in your family timeline charts.
  • It is compatible with various devices, platforms, and other historical family research software. You can combine it with your favorite programs for the best experience possible.

Key Features of Genelines Timeline Software

  • Seven full-color, customizable timeline charts.
  • On-screen manipulation of colors, borders, and fonts.
  • Print charts of any size, including wall charts.
  • Publish to PDF and share timeline charts with other family members.
  • Comes with a library of timeline files.
  • Create customized historical events and timelines.
  • “Text View” report lists, in chronological order, all the events, dates, notes, etc., for the people in a chart.
  • Estimates and visually highlights unknown dates where more research is needed.
  • Supports the display of multiple family lines on one chart to quickly correct duplicate names from cousin marriages.


Our software is used across the USA and around the world. Below are some testimonials from users of the Genelines program. Find more testimonials here.

“Wow, I’ve just downloaded and run Genelines, and it is fantastic. It does exactly what I wanted it to. Simple but powerful – the ideal computer program.”

David, UK  

“I purchased Genelines yesterday to accompany my Legacy Family Tree. I love it and have recommended it to my friends! What a great software.”

Kristin, Nebraska

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Are you looking for genealogy timeline software in the USA? Genelines is the perfect choice for you. This powerful tool allows you to create family timelines with historical context to understand your family’s story better.

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