Progeny Genealogy is your gateway to exploring and showcasing your family history like never before. Here, you’ll find our innovative suite of genealogy software, each designed to offer unique perspectives and unlock your ancestry. From detailed charting capabilities to dynamic timelines and geographic storytelling, our products cater to every aspect of your genealogical research.
Plus, take advantage of our free trial versions of select software, allowing you to experience the power of these tools before making a purchase. Dive into Progeny’s genealogy software and discover new ways to bring your family to life in vivid detail!

All Products & Trial Versions

Discover the beauty of your family’s past with Charting Companion™. Designed for both family history enthusiasts and professional family tree creators, this tool offers unparalleled flexibility and style, enabling you to craft visually stunning family tree charts. Whether you’re looking to delve into your unique story or showcase your ancestry research, Charting Companion™ easily transforms your research into captivating, shareable charts. Download a trial today and try it out for free!
Elevate your family tree experience with Charting Companion™ for Geni™. This intuitive tool bridges your online ancestry research with the ability to create and customize beautiful, print-ready family tree charts and reports. Effortlessly navigate through your tree, select a person, and let Charting Companion tell their story with visually captivating charts.
Step into the future of genealogy with Progeny’s 3D Family Tree™, the only genealogy software that fully flushes out your family history in three dimensions. This innovative tool offers a groundbreaking perspective on your roots, allowing you to construct pedigree and descendant trees in a visually stunning 3D format. Enhance your tree with photos and create a vivid and personal representation of your lineage.
Genelines™ timeline software offers a revolutionary way to visualize your family history. This powerful tool creates customizable timeline charts that seamlessly integrate with numerous popular genealogy research databases. Bring your ancestry to life by charting key events and patterns in a clear, engaging format; gain new insights and unlock your ancestry with a free trial of Genelines™ 3!
Discover your family’s history in a new and exciting way with Map My Family Tree™. This innovative software transforms your genealogy research into colourful, detailed maps showing where ancestors were born, married, and died. Whether for personal information or to showcase at family gatherings, Map My Family Tree™ presents engaging and illuminating insights into your family history.
Experience the best in genealogy software with the Progeny Genealogy Value Pack, a comprehensive bundle that brings together Charting Companion™, Genelines™, and Map My Family Tree™. This all-in-one package offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore, visualize, and share your family history research in diverse and engaging ways. With this bundle, you can chart, timeline, and map your genealogical journey while gaining a richer understanding of your lineage.

Refund policy: For products with no trial version: 30-day money-back guarantee (with return of CD if applicable). No refunds for products with trial versions.

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Genealogy Software Products Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please read on or visit our comprehensive FAQ page to find the answers you are looking for.

Yes, Progeny Genealogy offers free trials for some of its products. These trials allow you to test the functionalities and see how they can assist in your genealogy projects before committing to a purchase.
Our software is designed to be compatible with a variety of genealogy file formats, including popular ones used by other genealogy software. For specific compatibility details, please refer to the product information on each software page.
Yes, our software products allow you to print the charts and maps you create. You can also save them in various formats for digital sharing or printing in large formats for events such as family reunions.

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Progeny Genealogy is dedicated to providing software tools that bring your family history to life in unique and insightful ways. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you every step of the way in your journey of discovering and showcasing your rich ancestry.