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Create fantastic family tree charts using Charting Companion.

With Charting Companion, you can create beautiful-looking family trees and share your research with family and friends.

Charting Companion: Family Tree Charts USA

Charting Companion is the perfect tool for family history experts and family tree creators alike. If you want a family tree maker that gives you endless style and customization options, this is the software for you.

Create Family Tree Charts With Progeny Genealogy

Researching your family history is an exciting hobby. It can help you get to know your unique story and ancestry, and once you’ve found out all you can, you will likely want to display it beautifully.

With Charting Companion, you can not only display your family history in different ways, but you can also share it with your loved ones, giving them the chance to see where they came from. In fact, charts created with Charting Companion can be saved in RTF, HTML, PDF, and SVG formats, so you can publish them online as well!

Which Family Tree Charting Programs is Charting Companion Compatible With?

Charting Companion is compatible with all family tree programs, including the following.

For Windows:

  • Ancestral Quest
  • Family Historian
  • Family Tree Maker
    • FTM 2019: Plugin (Charting Companion 8)
    • FTM 2017: Plugin (CC7)
    • FTM 2014.1 MacKiev: plugin (CC7)
    • FTM 2014: Plugin (CC7)
    • FTM 2012 (reads database directly) (CC7)
    • FTM 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011: use GEDCOM (CC7)
    • FTM 2006 and earlier (reads database directly) (CC7)
  • GEDCOM (all programs)
  • Legacy Family Tree
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
  • Roots Magic (ver. 4 and later)
  • For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 (32- and 64-bit)

For Apple macOS Version:

  • Family Tree Maker:
  • FTM 2019: Plugin
  • Roots Magic
  • GECOM (all programs)

For Apple macOS 10.12 (Sierra) through 13 (Ventura).

Tutorials and Comparisons

If you want to see how Charting Companion works, take a look at the charts you can create, as well as our gallery of photographs of family history enthusiasts like you using our charts.

And if you want to get a better understanding of what makes our charts stand out, then take a look at our comparison table now.

Chart Styles Available with Charting Companion Family Tree Chart Software

When it comes to their family history, every tree maker is different. This is why Charting Companion is a fantastic choice for everyone. With our software, you can create many kinds of charts, helping you view your family history in a format that’s perfect for you.

Take a look below for more information about the different chart styles you’ll find with the Charting Companion family tree charts software.

DNA Matrix, DNA Simulation, and DNA Matches

Charting Companion offers a new format for your family tree charts; DNA Matrix, DNA Simulation, and DNA Matches. These DNA-based charts allow you to use DNA matches in a clear chart.

This is great for people using DNA to complete their family tree. Adoptees may be able to use DNA to find biological parents and other family chart makers may use their unique DNA patterns to find distant cousins and other relatives.

Other DNA-based options include the new X-chromosome option, which shows all X-chromosome inheritance for both Ancestor and Descendant charts.


Along with the X-chromosome options, Charting Companion also creates charts for:

  • Mitochonrdial DNA (mtDNA)
  • Y-DNA

3D Printing

Charting Companion includes an output for both ancestor and descendant fan charts called ‘STL.’ This can be fed to 3D printers for creating 3D prints of your family fan charts! If you’ve ever wanted a physical copy of your family history tree, this is an interesting and unique way to create a stunning display!

Dandelion Chart

The Dandelion Chart offered by Charting Companion is an innovative way to look at your family tree. It includes both descendant and ancestor chart information and ensures there is no overlap between nodes (people). This gives you a clearer, more straightforward view of your own family tree.

Fan Charts

With the world’s only descendant fan chart, Charting Companion is making strides to allow you to see your family tree in a range of easy-to-view formats. This chart uses a bird’s-eye view to show your family history in concentric rings.

Trellis Charts

The Trellis Chart format available with Charting Companion is the perfect way to get everyone onto one chart. This family tree template is a new way to tell the story of your family with ancestors and descendants listed by row within their generation. Members of the same family are all grouped by columns for a complete view of your family.

Ornamental Borders

As well as the format of your chart, you will also want to make sure it looks the best it can, which is why Charting Companion comes with lots of ornamental border options. These embellishments help you to add a touch of your own identity to your family tree chart.


Are you so proud of your family tree that you want to display it on your clothes? Charting Companion comes with features that allow you to embroider your family trees onto a t-shirt. This could be a fantastic addition to any family reunion or a unique way to immortalize your family’s story.

Sixteen Unique, Outstanding Charts to Tell the Story of Your Family

For further information on the different kinds of charts, you can create using Charting Companion, check out our sample charts page here.

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