DNA Matrix

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Charting Companion announces a new chart: the DNA Matrix (aka “McGuire Method“).

Genetic research offers new ways for genealogists to build their family tree, where conventional records and sources are not available.

Genealogists are submitting DNA samples to testing companies who can identify unique patterns in the DNA, and match the genealogist to millions of other participants.

Adoptees are using DNA to search for biological parents. Distant cousins and other relatives can contribute to your tree by providing information on branches where they have more research than you do.

The DNA Matrix helps you by showing an overview of DNA matches in a clear, simple chart. Charting Companion can also “validate” your tree by comparing actual DNA test results, against the number expected from the relationships. The percentage ranges for each type of relationship are based on Leah LaPerle Larkin’s excellent blog “The DNA Geek“.

Are there surprises in your tree?

Charting Companion works with all genealogy programs: Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, GEDCOM, etc.

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Ex: Melvin Smith and Zachary Smith are first cousins (“1C”). They share 800 centiMorgans (a unit of length of chromosomes), which is typical of this relationship 95% of the time.

In one of their tests, the half-siblings Percival Smith and Conchita Smith share 70 cM, which is unusually low.

Percival shares 2400 cM with his nephew Zachary, which is too high and could hint at a closer biological relationship. Did Percival consort with Zoë?

Click to see sample of DNA Matrix.

If you hover the cursor over a cM or relationship on the blue line, Charting Companion will display the chromosome segments that two people have in common:

Click on multiple boxes to see the segments that three or more people share: