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For family tree software and genealogy research resources that help you tell your family’s story, look no further than the Progeny Genealogy product range. We’ve carefully curated our collection of products to offer customers the best software out there for mapping your family tree.

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Family Tree Software Available Across the U.S.A.

Progeny Genealogy is a leading developer of family tree programs and other practical, easy-to-use genealogy research resources available for enthusiasts across the U.S.A.  

Founded in 1995, Progeny Genealogy aims to help people worldwide chart their family history easily. Researching your family tree is an enlightening experience, and it can help you understand yourself and your story better. 

We want to help people understand who they are, where they come from, and what it all means. Our products work in different ways, but we designed each to make this process easy for beginners.

Genealogy Software Products Available From Progeny Genealogy

There is something here for everyone, from genealogy enthusiasts to professionals alike. Progeny publishes three family tree builders that allow you to tell compelling family stories with genealogy charts. We’ve explored these programs more closely below to help you understand them.

Charting Companion

Charting Companion™ is a complete solution for viewing, printing, and publishing customized family tree charts using any genealogy database program. Standard family trees produced by other genealogy programs will pale in comparison!

This software allows users to chart their family tree in new and exciting ways–there is even an option for printing in 3D! It works with many genealogy software programs so that you can use it alongside existing software.

If you want a beautifully displayed family tree, this is the family tree maker for you. Find out more about Charting Companion here.


Genelines™ creates unique timeline charts that show an individual or family lineage against a backdrop of the historical world or family events. This innovative software establishes a timeline for your family’s story, building a legacy family tree and helping you see events in context with those happening around the world.

If you’re interested in the historical parts of your family’s history or want to know where you fit into the world’s timeline, this is the perfect resource for you. Find out more about Genelines timeline software here.

Map My Family Tree

Map My Family Tree™ is a unique genealogy software that allows you to show your ancestors’ geographical distribution and the migration patterns that shaped your family’s history. This is the perfect option if your family comes from many places around the globe.

This software puts your family tree into a geographical context. It gives you visuals of where you came from and can enhance your family tree search by giving you locations to look at. Find out more about Map My Family Tree here.

Why Choose Progeny Genealogy Products

Progeny Genealogy software is second-to-none. With such an array of products available, we think our products are your best choice, but if you’re not sold yet, we’ve created a list of reasons you should choose them below.

  • While you can make some stunning and accurate family trees with our software, that’s not all they are good for. You can access many extra built-in research tools when you choose Progeny Genealogy. These can help you find missing information, spot mistakes, and expose contradictory data.
  • We designed our software for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It is easy to use, practical, and creates visually stunning charts that you can hang or keep close.
  • Compatible with operating systems and other genealogy platforms. You can combine our products with others you love for the best results.
  • We offer many of our products in bundles at a discounted rate. So, if you’ve got your eye on a few, check out our Value Pack for 40% off!
  • If you ever have any issues with your software, our fantastic customer support team is always available to help. We want to ensure that you can get as much as possible from our software, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Software Policies

Refund policy: For products with no trial version: 30-day money-back guarantee (with return of CD if applicable). For products with trial versions: no refunds for products with trial versions. 

Terms & Conditions: Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns. 

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If you’re looking for family tree software, you’ve come to the right place. We have many software products on offer at Progeny Genealogy. All create beautiful charts that display your family in unique ways.

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Charting Companion


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