Family Tree Software and Genealogy Research Resources That Help You Tell the Story of Your Family

Progeny Genealogy is the leading developer of family tree software and other useful, easy-to-use genealogy research resources.  There is something here for every genealogy enthusiast and professional alike.

Progeny publishes three family tree software packages that allow you to tell compelling family stories with genealogy charts:

  • Charting Companion™ is a complete solution for viewing, printing and publishing, customized family tree charts using any genealogy database program. Standard family trees produced by other genealogy programs will pale in comparison!
  • Genelines creates truly unique timeline charts that let you show an individual or family lineage against a backdrop of historical world or family events.
  • Map My Family Tree is a unique genealogy product that allows you to show your ancestor’s geographical distribution and the migration patterns that shaped your family’s history.

But you get more than pretty charts with Progeny’s genealogy software – you also have access to built-in research tools. For instance, these powerful tools will expose missing, illogical or contradictory data, show missing place names, and much more. These tools are essential for any genealogist trying to take their family history research to the next level. Take advantage of these genealogy software tools today.

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Charting Companion


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