New Embroidery Charts: More Than a Conversation Piece

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Charting Companion’s new Embroidery Charts are as practical as they are fun. Now you can wear your family tree and attract the attention of possible relatives you’ve never met.

You can embroider two types of charts: Ancestor Fan, and Descendant Fan Charts. Format them in quarter-, half- or full-circle – your choice! The program can render up to 5 generations from your genealogy database on any one Embroidery Chart and still preserve the legibility of lettering.

This is one more way that Charting Companion’s powerful family tree charting capabilities can bring your family history to life. You won’t find this feature in any other genealogy program.

How does it work? Dynamic Stitching File Format – DST

Charting Companion’s new Embroidery Chart feature generates a file format called “DST.” This Dynamic Stitching file enables any commercial embroidery shop to satin stitch the chart you created on a T-shirt, vest – whatever you choose.

But you don’t need to worry about all that. Charting Companion makes it easy to create the file: you just send it off for processing. Check the Embroidery Shop Locator below to find a supplier near you.

If you happen to have a computer-compatible home sewing machine, lucky you. DST works with most machines, so you can do it yourself – or for others.

How to Prepare Charts for Embroidery

Design and preparation of your genealogy chart for embroidery is easy.

Look at just a few of the many “family tree fashions” you could create!

Highlights of Embroidery Charts

  • Family tree charts supported: Ancestor Fan and Descendant Fan Charts.
  • Formats supported: 90°, 180° or 360°
  • Number of generations per chart: up to 5 generations
  • Embroidery stitch utilized: satin stitch
  • File format generated: DST
  • Compatible with all commercial embroidery machines, as well as most computer-capable home sewing machines

Embroidery Charts are now available in all versions of Charting Companion.