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Comparative Biographical Chart

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Comparative Lifeline – Genealogy Sample Charts Sample chart produced with Genelines ver 2.0 Copyright © 1998-2011 Progeny Genealogy Inc.. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.

An age-based timeline is displayed at the top and bottom of the chart in 3 year increments. Using this timeline you can compare individuals regardless of when they were living.

The Relationship Category shows the marriage events for the subject. It includes the name of the spouse and the births of their children.

The Name Bar includes the subject's name, birth date, death date and place.

Like father like son, John Quincy Adams became a lawyer at age 20 and married around the same age as his father.

Both men served very similar political careers. So similar, they each had influential postings to the Netherlands and Great Britain, and both became President of the United States.