Dick Eastman Finds Family Maps  a Great Addition to Any Genealogy Database

Regarding the use of family maps Dick Eastman says…“Map My Family Tree™ is a great addition to any genealogy database. You can publish your research in the form of a geographic map and share it with friends, relatives and colleagues. You can see how your family is distributed across the country or the world.

You can analyze migration paths, trends in name, even type and place correlations, and other interesting facts. You can spot new opportunities for research by identifying courthouses, archives, etc., in proximity to your ancestors’ homes…

I have enjoyed using this program for the past few days, and suspect that I will use it again and again in the future.”

Map My Family Tree: Read the full review to see how family maps can advance your genealogy research and add a new dimension to your family stories.

Quote from a review by Dick Eastman in his Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, September 14, 2006

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