How to install Orbisnap VRML viewer

Orbisnap is a stand-alone VRML viewing program, not a plug-in.

  1. – Click on the following link:
  2. – Click on “Download”.
  3. – Fill out optional registration.
  4. –Choose 32– or 64–bit Windows.
  5. –Save ZIP file in a folder.
  6. –Right-click, open with WinZip.
  7. –Choose a folder where Orbisnap will be uncompressed.
  8. –Click on Options, make sure “Use Folder Names” is checked.
  9. –Click on “Extract”.
  10. –Browse to the folder where “orbisnap.exe” is located.
  11. –Double-click on “orbisnap.exe”, or right-click and choose “Open”.
  12. –To navigate in Orbisnap: