“Beech Hill Roots” book: Descendants of William and Elizabeth Ward, Nova Scotia

Published on: 22 April 2020

Beech Hill Roots is a set of 5 books recording the family tree for thousands of families, all of whom can trace their ancestry back to pioneers William and Elizabeth Ward who came to Nova Scotia, from Yorkshire in 1774. They settled at Beech Hill, south of Kentville, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their descendants spread far and wide across Canada, the US and beyond.

Along with identifying the descendants of this couple, there are notes, pictures and an extensive index. Over 40 years of personal interviews by countless researchers and individual families who contributed. Publicly available and private collections were consulted.
Beech Hill Roots
Two hundred 5-volume sets were printed.

Who is in the book? This 5 volume set of books contains 2,776 pages and is not just for the Ward or Bishop families! At last count, there were 15,335 direct descendants in 11 generations. The final database numbered in excess of 30,000 individuals.

The 500 page Index (Book 5) is unique even in the genealogy world to allow more success in looking up names. Married women are listed twice, with their maiden and married surnames. Parents of spouses are shown. Special Appendices precede the index to provide additional, useful information, such as descriptive place name information and maps.

The Register format of Beech Hill Roots allows the reader to follow their roots back to the original family. William and Elizabeth (Flintoff) Ward who came to Beech Hill in 1774 with 18 month old Moses. New research reveals Elizabeth’s real name was Flintoff, not Grant as commonly assumed.

Beech Hill Roots leaves a legacy of family history from Kings County, Nova Scotia that spans the continent, especially for anyone having ancestry in Kings County. Generations to come may find links to their past before it is faded from memory.

Get your copy of Beech Hill Roots: USD $205 plus shipping.

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