GenMerge is the fast, easy, safe way to find and merge duplicates in your familydata. Whether you are working on a project with a relative or evaluating familytrees from the internet, GenMerge is an important addition to your genealogy toolbox.

GenMerge is a stand-alone utility that reads GEDCOM files, so it can be used with any desktop or internet genealogy software.

Using a simple “point and click” user interface, apply the advanced statistical record linking features of GenMerge to quickly find duplication in a single family tree or when merging two or more trees.

Use GenMerge to quickly and easily analyze new data to see if it is of good quality and how it overlaps with your family data. In minutes you will know exactly:

  • What people are the same between two files
  • Which new people you will be adding if you decide to incorporate the new family data in your tree
  • Significant family differences, such as different father or mother for a matching individual are listed in a special report so you can zero in on these research differences.

GenMerge provides a detailed analysis of each input file with birth year, death year, surname and other statistics. GenMerge also produces a detailed report of the merging process and a consistent, error-free result which can be used with your desktop genealogy software.

Click here for an overview of GenMerge at work.

Click here for a detailed technical presentation of how GenMerge works.

GenMerge is made by Pleiades Software Development, Inc. GenMerge requires Java. If Java is not already installed on your system, you can download Java free from

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