Charting Companion: the best combination of features & options

See why Charting Companion is the preferred choice for family history charts & books.

See why Charting Companion is the preferred choice for family history charts & books.

Feature Charting
Dandelion Chart Y N N N N N N
Custom Page Size Y N N N N Y Y
Color – gradient Y Y N Y N N N
Color – bevel Y N N N N N N
Ancestor Chart Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Anc. – Includes siblings Y 1st gen. only N Y N Y
PDF size – 10-gen. 3’×14′ Not able Can’t do on single page Can’t do on single page 3’×35′ 3’×24′
Descendant Chart Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Desc. – Top-down Y Y Y Y Y Y
Desc. – Left-to-right Y N Y N Y
Descendant Fan Chart Y N N N N N N
Trellis Chart
“The Chart with Everyone”
Embroidery Y N N N N N N
Ancestor Fan Chart Y Y N Y Y N Y
Fan – radial printing Y Y Y Y N
Fan – Circumferential Y N Y Y Y
Colors 16,777,215 144 16,777,215 No color 16,777,215
Color by generation Y N Y Y
Color by lineage Y N Y Y
Custom color Unlimited 3 Unlimited
PDF size, 6-gen. 9″×9″
55 KB
2,212 KB
121 KB
20 KB
(32-bit only)
400 KB
Bottom quadrant right-side up? Y N/A N N N
Books Y N N Y Y N Y
Outline Descendant Y N N N N N Y
Pedigree Chart Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Auto-generate FGRs Y N N N N N N
Hourglass Y Y N Y N Y Y
Include Subject’s family? Y N N N N N Y
Bow Tie Y Y N Y N N Y
Kinship Y Y N N N Y Y
Size to fit Y N N N N N Y
Ornamental Borders
Vector; hundreds of options
Raster only; manual alignment N 5 choices N N N
3D Printing Y N N N N N N
Feature Charting Companion FTM PAF Legacy AQ RM FH

What these features mean to you.

Custom page size.
Setting Custom Paper Size is indispensable for getting perfect results at the print shop. If the printing service uses a large-scale printer (plotter), you need to see exactly what your chart will look like before taking it to the store for printing. If you are forced to “fit” the chart in letter-size paper, the print shop will have to blow it up in order to fill the poster-size paper (usually 3 ft. wide, on a continuous roll). If the chart is raster-based, expanding will distort or exagerate defects. (See this detailed explanation).

Ancestor with Siblings.
Charting Companion is the only program to offer true “Ancestor with Siblings” in a box chart: the brothers & sisters of all ancestors are shown at every generation. The siblings provide a whole new perspective on naming patterns. In cultures where children are named after aunts and uncles, given names can corroborate, or hint at missing, family members in the previous generation.

Chart Size
A smaller chart is cheaper to print, easier to understand and follow, more convenient to display, and simpler to email. Charting Companion makes the most compact charts, while preserving clarity and legible font size.

Descendant Chart, Left-to-right.
Charting Companion prints the Descendant Chart in both the Top-down, and Left-to-right direction. The advantage of the Left-to-right format is that it takes up far less space, while maintaining legibility.

Descendant Fan Chart.
Charting Companion is the only program that prints the Descendant Fan Chart. The Descendant Fan Chart combines the appealing format of the fan chart, with the richness of the Descendant tree.

Trellis Chart.
The Trellis Chart is the only chart that displays every one in your family tree. Based on research by European Ph.Ds, the Trellis is the first innovation in genealogy graphics since Progeny introduced the commercial fan chart in 1996.

With Charting Companion, you can embroider your family tree on a T-shirt or vest. This unique way of displaying your research will be a hit at the family reunion.

Fan chart – Radial and Circumferential printing.
“Circumferential” printing wraps around in a curve, parallel to the circumference.
“Radial” printing is in a straight line, parallel to the radius.
Circumferential is used for the early generations (1-4) because it is the best way to fit the names in the broad and shallow sectors. Radial is used for the outer generations (5+) because it is the best way to fit the names in the narrow and deep sectors. A Fan Chart must combine both orientations in order to make the best use of the available space, and print the names in the largest possible font.


Custom Color.
Color printing is not always WYISWYG, “What You See Is What You Get”. The actual color that your printer will deliver, is sometimes different from what you see on the screen because of variations in the ink jet chemistry or toner cartridge. When this happens, it is helpful to be able to fine-tune the color by choosing different RGB values to compensate for the printer. Having a limited set of colors can be a handicap.

Word-processor Compatible.
Some programs print the Ancestor Book (Ahnentafel) and Descendant Book (Register) directly to the printer. Charting Companion outputs a true, word processor-compatible file which is opened directly in your word processor. The book file contains embedded codes to mark index entries and citation footnotes. This design allows you to add more photographs to the book, change the margins, font, paper size, etc. and re-generate the index with just a few clicks.

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