Create Better Family Tree Charts Using Charting Companion

Now you can create more and better family tree charts than you can using Family Tree Maker® or any other genealogy database by itself. Take a look at the Charting Companion™ examples here and see for yourself.

NEW Descendant Fan Chart

New! One-of-a-kind Descendant Fan chart available only with Charting Companion family tree software. This is an eye-catching way of showing your whole family – with several generations, on a single page.

Fan charts can be produced in 90°, 180° and 360° variations, and make stunning wall charts.

Descendant Left to Right Family Tree Chart

Charting Companion lets you create left-to-right Descendant charts that take up half the number of pages than do the top down reports from Family Tree Maker. This also means you can create a tiled wall chart faster. The top-down format for this family tree chart is also available.

Charting Companion can display up to 160 generations of family records on any chart.

Genealogy Charts with Photos

Most family tree style charts generated can include photos. But Charting Companion is smarter than any genealogy database when it comes to using photos in charts. Charting Companion allows you to customize the size of each photo you wish to display – as small or large as you choose. And if there is no photo in your database, it doesn’t clutter your chart with an unsightly placeholder: it simply omits the photo. This allows you to save space and create more professional-looking presentations.

Ancestor with Siblings Charts

Charting Companion allows you to create a unique Siblings Ancestor chart so that you can quickly see naming patterns over the generations. The “Cousin smart” option eliminates duplication of individuals. This genealogy chart is not available through Family Tree Maker, or any other database program.

Charting Companion also supports charts with three color styles by gender, generation or lineage.

Other Stunning Fan Charts

Charting Companion creates impressive fan charts that add pizzazz to your genealogy books and presentations. Fan charts can be produced in 90°, 180° and 360° variations. With access to the full range of RGB colors (16,000,000) – including gradients and beveled edges, you can indeed create some spectacular family book– or wall-sized charts!

System Requirements