Tiling huge Fan charts

Published on: 14 November 2015


Did you know that you can print large Fan charts by tiling the chart over multiple pages?

Charting Companion enables you to create Ancestor and Descendant Fan charts of any size by specifying the radius. If the size of the chart is greater than the paper in your printer, Charting Companion will break it up into multiple pages.

Tiled Fan Chart

Tiled Fan Chart

The cropping and alignment marks make it a breeze to assemble the final chart seamlessly.

The Descendant Fan chart includes a “Smoothing Threshold” option to make the font sizes more uniform.

Got a large chart? Send us a picture and we’ll feature it in our Photo Gallery.

We are honored to help you tell the story of your family.

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Pierre Clouthier

President, Progeny Genealogy

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