New Event Type selection for Charting Companion

Published on: 2 May 2016

Charting Companion now allows you to pick specific event types in your Ancestor and Descendant charts.

Many of you have requested this option, and we are pleased to provide you with another convenient way of telling the story of your family. Get your copy of Charting Companion version 6: click to buy a Registration Key.

Event Type Selection

Preview of Event Type selection

You can tailor your chart by specifying the exact mix of events that you would like to see for each person. Click on the list of events in the Chart Options dialog, and the dialog above appears. Click on an event in the “Excluded” column, click on the move “>” button; the event will appear in the “Included “column, and on your chart.

Don’t forget that you can publish your chart in HTML  format; the social media links become “clickable”, to launch each person’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Don’t miss out on this colorful way of celebrate your family history: buy Charting Companion. We are honored to be part of your story.

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