New chart: Fractal Tree

Published on: 15 November 2015

A 9-generation Fractal Tree (click to to enlarge)

Progeny is pleased to introduce a new type of genealogy chart: the Fractal Tree.

The Fractal Tree lays out your ancestors in a repeating pattern, in the shape of the letter ‘H’. The Fractal Tree is compact and uses less space than other charts, while displaying the names in a novel way.

All the usual options are available: color, number of generations, output to PDF for a large printer at the print shop, photos, output to HTML for a Website, tiling, etc.

Click for an example and more information.

As a valued customer, we are offering you a free pre-release of the latest version of Charting Companion, and giving you an opportunity to try it out early. Click to download Charting Companion with the Fractal Tree.

Enjoy seeing your ancestors in a whole new different way!

Ancestor Fan chart preview

Fractal tree

Let us know what you think of the Fractal Tree.

Interesting Image

Pierre Clouthier

President, Progeny Genealogy


The Fractal Tree

Update 24 Aug 2023: The Fractal Tree is based on a design called the “H-tree” used in the electronics industry as far back as the 1980’s. Nevertheless, the University of Utah has persuaded the U.S. Patent Office that its use in genealogy constitutes a novel application . Due to exorbitant royalties and inappropriate licensing conditions, we have been forced to withdraw the Fractal chart from our product line.

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