New chart: Dandelion chart

Published on: 15 November 2015

Dandelion chart

Progeny is pleased to introduce a new type of genealogy chart: the Dandelion Chart.

The Dandelion Chart lays out your ancestors and descendants like a web. It is possible to display everyone in a family, including the parents of spouses who are not in the bloodline.

All the usual options are available: color, number of generations, output to PDF for a large printer at the print shop, photos, tiling, etc.

Watch the boxes flow fluidly as Charting Companion dynamically slides the boxes for best fit.

Click for an example and more information.

Click to download Charting Companion with the Dandelion Chart.

Enjoy seeing your ancestors in a whole new different way!

Let us know what you think of the Dandelion Chart.

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Pierre Clouthier

President, Progeny Genealogy

Dandelion chart preview

The Dandelion Chart

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