Family Tree Maker “Web Links”

Published on: 29 December 2016

Family Tree Maker has a Web Links feature:

Family Tree Maker Web Links

Although FTM does not appear to publish these Web Links at the present time, Charting Companion (6.4.39 and later) can display the Web Links in any chart or report that allows selection of event types.

You can display Web Links in the Standard Family Group Record:

Web Links in Family Group Record

You can display Web Links in any chart. Note that if you Publish as HTML, the Web Links are “hot” or clickable. Clicking on them will open a new browser tab to the Website. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Google+ links are highlighted with a special button. Click for true HTML page.

Chart with “clickable” links

You can display Web Links in an Ancestor or Descendant Book:

Web Links in Ancestor or Descendant Book

You can display Web Links in the Outline Descendant:

Web Links in Outline Descendant

When creating a chart, make sure that the “WebLink” event type is included in the list of events, and that “Place Names” is checked:

To click the links in Internet Explorer, click on “Allow blocked content”.

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