DNA Simulation – Automatically Building Your Family Tree

Published on: 24 April 2020

Charting Companion 7 features a new technology to help place adoptees and orphans in a family tree: the DNA Simulation. Based on the DNA Matrix , the DNA Simulation will construct a Descendant tree, then will systematically try to link the “orphan” to every person in the tree, one at a time. Charting Companion will validate the tree by calculating the expected centiMorgan (cM) implied by the hypothetical relationship, and comparing it to the actual laboratory DNA test results. Each iteration is called a “scenario”. If the DNA test results are outside the cM range, the scenario is bad, will be discarded, and Charting Companion will advance to the next possible position of the orphan in the tree. If the DNA results are consistent, the good scenario will be recorded. All possible scenarios can then be reviewed for further investigation. (see video).

DNA Simulations

In addition to linking to existing persons, Charting Companion will also insert hypothetical or placeholder spouses and children, and attempt to link the orphan to these additional people. The added persons represent potential extramarital relationships, previous unknown marriages, unknown children, children given up to adoption, non-paternal events, etc. They are meant to suggest possible connections that would otherwise be very time-consuming to evaluate manually.The DNA Simulation is available in Charting Companion 7. See video for detailed explanation.

If you have an earlier version of Charting Companion, our upgrade policy is:

  • If you purchased within the last year, you get a free upgrade (contact us).
  • If you purchased within two years, you get a 20% discount (contact us).
  • Within three years, purchase a Registration Key.

Charting Companion works with all genealogy programs: Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, GEDCOM, etc.

Get Charting Companion today and make family history.

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