DNA Matrix: Supported CSV File Formats

Published on: 22 April 2020

Last March Charting Companion announced a new chart: the DNA Matrix . The DNA Matrix is available as a free upgrade to all customers who are using ver. 6 of Charting Companion.

The DNA Matrix helps you by showing an overview of DNA matches in a clear, simple chart. Charting Companion can also “validate” your tree by comparing actual DNA test results, against the number expected from the relationships. Are there surprises in your tree? Click for more details. Click for video.

Charting Companion now automatically recognizes the following CSV match file formats:

  • 23andMe (Direct)
  • AncestryDNA (AncestryDNA Helper)
  • AncestryDNA (DNAGedcom)
  • FTDNA Chromosome Browser (Direct)
  • FTDNA Chromosome Browser (DNAgedcom)
  • FTDNA Family Finder (Direct)
  • FTDNA Family Finder (DNAgedcom)
  • GEDmatch: One to many
  • GEDmatch: Tier 1 Triangulation
  • Genome Mate Pro
  • MyHeritage (Direct)
  • Pedigree Thief
  • User defined

The “User defined” format allows you to assign the Kit No. and centiMorgan columns to a file format of your own design, or a format not (yet) supported above. Send us a copy of your CSV file if it is not included, we’ll add it!


DNA Matrix showing centiMorgan (cM) matches between members of a family.

Charting Companion works with all genealogy programs: Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, GEDCOM, etc.

Get Charting Companion today and make family history.

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