Announcing the Value Pack

Published on: 15 November 2015


Progeny is offering the three best genealogy publishing products, in one economical bundle: the Value Pack.

The Value Pack includes Charting Companion, Genelines and Map My Family Tree. The Value Pack is available for downloading at the low price of $49.85, or 50% off the regular price.

Charting Companion helps you tell the story of your family with charts: Ancestor and Descendant charts, Fan charts, Ancestor and Descendant books, embroidery, and many other unique formats. Charting Companion is the only program to include Siblings at every generation, and to offer a Descendant Fan chart. Our books are fully word processor-compatible, with true footnotes and indexes. Charting Companion offers genetic options to assist your DNA research.

Genelines is the only program to present your family history as a timeline, with World events the backdrop to your ancestors’ lives.

Map My Family Tree creates custom maps showing where your ancestors lived and died. Our place name-matching logic provides  maximum accuracy and recognition/identification. You can: customize colors, place markers, animate travel through time, and upload to  Google Earth.

The Value Pack brings together Charting Companion, Genelines and Map My Family Tree to provide you with   everything you need to share your family history with (and dazzle) your friends and relatives.

Order the Value Pack today and get a new perspective on your family’s history.

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Pierre Clouthier

President, Progeny Genealogy Inc.

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