Ancestor chart with siblings – the World’s only!

Published on: 20 December 2011

The Charting Companion program has the unique ability to display a chart that includes the siblings of your Ancestors (uncles & aunts). The variable and unpredictable number of siblings makes this a challenge that no other graphics program has solved [1].

In the following chart of Mary Constance Colquhoun (my Scottish grandmother’s family), it is interesting to see how they followed traditional naming patterns.


The Colquhoun-Miller families


Note the repeating ‘Robert’, ‘Alexander’, ‘Martha’, ‘Jane’ from the father’s side, and ‘Jackson’, ‘Violet’ on the mother’s side. The first-born son appears to be named ‘Alexander’. Did the first Robert (m. Mary Watt) have an older brother Alexander? This bears investigating.

Note also how the second-born son  in grandma’s family was diplomatically named ‘Jackson’ after the oldest of the mother’s (Mary Miller) side.

I can still remember my old grandmother telling me the story, in her Scottish brogue, of her “wee brother Alexander” who put a precious silver teapot, a family heirloom, directly on the wood stove in the old country. The teapot soon melted into beads of silver skating across the stove. Things were grim in the Colquhoun household that evening.

Note: The colors in the chart above were added manually. Charting Companion does give you the ability of assigning custom colors to individuals in your family tree (see 16 May 2011 post).

The display of siblings adds richness and depth to family tree charts. You too can display your ancestors’ siblings with Charting Companion.
[1] Family Tree Maker has the option to “Display Siblings for Primary Individual”, which only shows the subject’s siblings, not for other generations.

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