3D Family Tree viewer

Published on: 15 November 2015


Imagine a whole new way of viewing your Family Tree! Picture all your ancestors, with their brothers and sisters extending into the third dimension. From each aunt or uncle, a descendant tree shows your cousins and their offspring.

Progeny is pleased to introduce the 3D Family Tree program. 3D Family Tree creates breathtaking models that you can rotate, zoom in, and extend interactively.

3D Family Tree builds unique family trees in space. Imagine a Descendant tree, with the ancestors of the spouses extending in parallel planes. 3D Family Tree provides views that are  impossible in 2D.

A 3D tree with photos makes the whole family come alive. 3D Family Tree uses color to show geographical distribution, disease inheritance, or genetic traits.

3D Family Tree reads popular data bases directly, and is compatible with all genealogy programs.

You can publish your 3D Family Tree as a virtual reality file (VRML) and display it on the Internet, or attach it to an email. The VRML files can be viewed by anyone using a free browser plug-in.

Experience the delight of seeing your family tree in a new light. Get 3D Family Tree today.

Watch a brief video showing 3D Family Tree in action.

Pierre Clouthier
President, Progeny Genealogy



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