The Fractal Tree

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The Fractal Tree is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Fractal Tree is more compact than other charts. A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A fractal is a self-similar geometric shape; each part of the shape is the same as the whole.

How the Fractal Tree works: Start with a subject, René A. Clouthier, and a 2-generation Fractal Tree. Two boxes sprout horizontally. His father (Raoul) is in a box to the left, his mother (Jeanne) is in a box to the right.

A 2-generation Fractal Tree

Add a third generation, including the grand-parents. The new boxes now sprout vertically. On the paternal side, Raoul’s parents (Calixte & Honorine) are displayed. On the maternal side, Jeanne’s parents (Thomas & Amanda) are displayed.

A 3-generation Fractal Tree

Add a fourth generation, including the great-grand-parents. The new boxes now revert to sprouting horizontally.

A 4-generation Fractal Tree

Five generations takes us to 31 people.

A 5-generation Fractal Tree

You can go as far as you want. Here is a 9-generation Fractal Tree.

A 9-generation Fractal Tree (click to to enlarge)

By tiling the pages, you can assemble a chart of unlimited size from standard paper or A4. You can create a PDF of a single large page (36″ x 72″) and take it to a print shop for printing on a large printer.

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The Fractal Tree is based on the H-Tree patented and Copyright 2009–2015 by the University of Utah.

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