Trellis Chart™ With Everyone On It!

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Finally - a way to put everyone on one chart.

Trellis Chart™ is a new way to tell the story of your family. Unlike traditional box charts, Trellis Chart™ can show all the people in your tree, even those who are not in the direct bloodline. Your ancestors and descendants are listed by row within their generation. Members of a family are grouped by columns.

Simpson Family, three generations

Here is an example: three generations of the well-known Simpson clan.

Simpson Family, children column

A vertical column groups the parents and children of a family. Notice that Bart, Lisa and Maggie are listed as "S" (son) and "D" (daughter) in the family group.

Simpson Family, parents column

Notice also that Homer and Marge are listed as "F" (father) and "M" (mother) in the same group.

Simpson Family, parents column

This part of the chart shows Homer as son of Abraham and Mona.

Bouvier Family

Finally, the chart includes Marge, her sisters and parents.

Homer's Ancestors and Descendants

By right-clicking on Homer, the Trellis highlights his Ancestors and Descendants.

Homer Collapsed

We can collapse the chart to see only Homer's bloodline.

Rotated Trellis

Trellis Chart™ can be rotated to use the minimum number of pages.

You can right-click on multiple family members, and Trellis Chart™ will highlight each person's lineage with a different color. The common ancestor will show a blend of the colors. Click here for enlarged view

Trellis Common Ancestor

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