Customer Support Center: Help for Progeny's Family Tree Software

This Customer Support Center is where registered users of Progeny's family tree and other software get technical support or find answers to questions regarding how to create and modify genealogy charts. Customers are entitled to unlimited, free product support.

If you are already a registered owner of our charting or timeline software (Charting Companion, Genelines or Map My Family Tree), or one of our family research CDs, you've come to the right place.

If you own one of our products but haven't registered yet, please do so first. To register: go here.

Support Forums

All support queries are directed initially through the Support Forum – an interactive, online service where you can:

  • Search for support information by topic (the fastest way for you to get an answer),
  • Access Frequently Asked Questions,
  • Download free User Guides for products.

For a list of Support Forums by product, use the left navigation bar, or go here.

Email Support

If you wish to inquire regarding your order, billing or registration keys, please email us.

If you cannot find the answer to your question at the Support Forum, please use this form to email us.

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