The Dandelion Chart

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The Dandelion Chart is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Dandelion Chart spreads out in all directions, and includes the ancestors of the spouses, which allows you to include everyone in the family.

How the Dandelion Chart works: from the Subject, John F Kennedy, extend lines to parents and children.

In a Dandelion Chart, the nodes (people) are scattered to minimize cross-over of lines. The Dandelion can show Ancestors as well as Descendants. The advantage of the Dandelion is that it can show the parents and siblings of spouses, who are not in the bloodline.

Each black circle corresponds to a family. The red lines link the parents to the family, the black lines link children. In the example below, John F. Kennedy is a child in the family where Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald are parents. JFK is a parent in the family that links to Jacqueline Bouvier (the other parent) and their children Caroline, John F. Jr. and Patrick.

Dandelion Chart

A Dandelion Chart

You can move the boxes around by clicking on them with the mouse, and dragging them

All the regular options are available: color by generation, lineage, gender, X-chromosome, bevel, gradient; font; event types, date format, etc.

Animated Dandelion Chart